Monthly archive: March 28, 2012

MS SQL Profiler – Limiting trace information by database name

Okay, this is going to be a really short post about MS SQL profiler (yay, my first post about MS SQL ). In case you are not aware of the sql profiler (which I am sure most of the developers are aware of), it’s a tool used to view the queries issued by various applications [...]

Dependency Injection With Ninject And Extending It a Bit Further

In this post I am going to discuss a very interesting concept called “dependency injection (DI)” and also about extending the class that injects the dependencies further to achieve some more functionalities that I needed for a project of mine. I am going to use a mvc 3 application to explain about DI. DI is [...]

Yet Another Ruby Language Post :)

This time, I am back with a post that deals with few interesting aspects of ruby. To begin with, I am going to discuss about YAML (Guess you now know the reason why I gave this title to this post ). YAML is an acronym for Yet Another Markup Language. YAML is a way by [...]