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Just wanted to share some information on what I have been doing. Yesterday I released a NuGet package that could prove helpful if you have started using ASP.Net MVC 5′s attribute based routing. You can read about attribute based routing here. But on a high level, attribute based routing is a feature that enables you to decorate action method’s with the Route attribute that will specify the url pattern to be used for this action to be invoked.

The thing with this approach is that, once you have more than one or two controllers, it could prove really tedious for you to open every controller and see the routes used so far. This package helps you solve this. Once you install the package using NuGet with the UI or the package manager console, you get the ability to look at all the routes used in the project. Once this package is successfully added, you could visit http://localhost<port_no>/attribute-based-routes to look at a list of all available routes, as show below!

Sample screenshot

Here is a list of all the relevant links for more information!

Hope this package is helpful and do let me know your comments!


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