In this page, I have listed a few interesting projects of mine developed over time…

sBlog.Net (a minimalistic blog engine)

In a very few words, sBlog.Net is a minimalistic blog engine. This project was heavily inspired by wordpress, though there are a lot more to come in the following days! You will be able to do all of the normal activities that you could do in a blog like adding a post or page, adding categories or tags, adding additional authors and many more. If I have to describe sBlog.Net in a single sentence, I would say – “For the love of mvc and wordpress”!

Project Home | Getting Started | GitHub Page | Discuss

Directory Comparer (Win forms app)

Directory Comparer, as the name implies, is a tool to compare folders. This tool attempts to make this process simple, by reducing the number of steps to do this. You first choose the left folder, then the right folder and then hit the “Start” button. That’s it. Try using this application and let me now your comments! Given below are links pertinent to this…

Project Home | CodeProject Article | Download Source | Download Executable | Discuss

Partial Collapsible Panel (jQuery plugin)

Partial collapsible panel is a jquery plugin that is similar to ajax control toolkit’s CollapsiblePanelExtender. There are few plugins that does something similar to that, but they do not deal with partially collapsed panels. Given below are links pertinent to this…

Project Home | Full Source | Minified Source | Live Demo | Discuss

Custom Calendar Control (A .Net User Control)

This calendar control can be used in a web page to provide the user a way to choose month and year alone. It’s a user control and so any number of this control can be added to a web page. This control is highly customizable, and could be extended much more. Some of the features in this control include – limiting the number of years the calendar allows the user to choose from, type of view (popup/panel), specify/extend the modes by which the date chosen is returned, specify the starting and ending years the calendar would allow the user to choose from, along with the ability to specify what comes first – the beginning year or the end year and so on. This user control and the sample application would also be very helpful to understand the core concepts of using a user control that greatly reduces the amount of duplicate code in a project apart from speeding things up. Given below are links pertinent to this…

Project Home | CodeProject Article | Source Code | Sample Application | Discuss

Demos/Misc. Projects

Check Box List

This is an ASP.Net MVC component which can be used to create check box lists. Here are some helpful links

Live Demo | Sample Application | Blog Post


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